Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look into tonight's game

Check here for a re-cap of game two and a look into game three!


Tonight is game three of round one against the Utah Jazz and so far, so good.  The first two games have been in the Lakers favor with the first game ending at 113-100 L.A. and the second game bringing another victory with 119-109.  Both games have been relatively close with the number 8 Jazz trailing not too far behind the number 1 ranked Lakers.  

Game three will bring a change of scenery as the Lakers head to Utah to face the Jazz at the Energy Solutions Arena.  Los Angeles had the privilege of hosting the first two of the games of the first round which besides their strong team, was no doubt an attribute to their success.  Almost any team plays better on their home court than they would on the road, as we may see tonight when the Jazz are given the opportunity to be back home.   

Utah is known for having extra loud and supportive fans who have recently been giving the team a hard time for their two losses against L.A.  The Jazz is just as hungry for the win as L.A. is so this game may prove to be a bit more challenging for the Lakers than the first two.  

Here are a few things that L.A. needs to do tonight in order to secure another victory:  This season they have been pretty consistent with hitting three pointers with  51.4%.  This could be key in tonight’s game.  The Lakers will have no time to relax during the first quarter tonight, but instead need to go into the game looking strong, giving the Jazz no chance of hope.  Their defense will also need to be spot on as the Jazz with most likely be fired up and ready to win.  

The key to winning round one is to break the opposing team as early as possible, winning the first three games in a row could easily give L.A. the momentum that they need to break the hopes for the Jazz for game four.  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post Practice Interview with Bynum

Bynum talks about practice and getting back on the court soon.

Bynum is Back!

Its been about two and a half months since Bynum’s MCL injury, but with news of his recent steps towards recovery, many are hoping that the center will be back on the court for the last few games of the seasons.  It could happen as early as tonight when the Lakers face the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center.

“I’m just excited, I really can’t wait”, says the twenty-one year old.  “I’m ready to go.  Just waiting on my release...I think tomorrow is possible.”

For the past few weeks Bynum has been exercising, regaining strength, and rebuilding his game with the help and encouragement of the Lakers coaches and staff.  Practicing with full contact with D.J. Mbenga for the past week has also helped.  “It just gets you ready and in the mindset of playing with contact,” said Bynum.

Teammates are also looking forward to Bynum’s return as he is such a valuable asset to the team.  

In recent team practice Odom said Bynum looked “Awesome.”  And that he just has to “go out there and play with energy and effort.”

Although the Lakers have still kept their number one spot in the Western Conference even with the absence of one of their star players, the team could no doubt use some extra help and Bynum’s return would be just the help they need.  Before the injury, the Lakers were 37-9 and since then have gone 25-7.  Bynum averaged 26.2 points a game and was a key defensive player.  

Coach Phil Jackson isn’t as eager to let the young player back on the court and is being more cautious and not as forthcoming with information.  

“We’ll probably asses how he feels tomorrow after todays practice, and then make a judgement on that,” said Jackson. 

"He's doing pretty good, we're pleased with his progress. I don't know how much more he can get out of the activity level that he's doing right now. He's got to get playing here pretty soon,” Jackson concluded.  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Lakers continue on their seven game road trip as they prepare to face the Detroit Pistons tonight.  With the best record in the West, but second to best record in the entire league after Cleveland, these next few games could seriously help their standing.  

This is not looking to be one their best games this season.  The Lakers have lost all nine of their previous games to Detroit, but many are hoping this time will be different.   

Visit this blog to get more of the Detroit/Lakers history and a preview for tonight.’s-game-preview-lakers-pistons/#more-10068

Andrew Bynum is slowly, but surely continuing to make improvements to his health.  Just last week the center was able to start exercising on a treadmill to regain strength in his injured right knee.  Two weeks ago Bynum began doing cardio and is continuing to grow stronger.  

Although he is still not able to play or practice, this is a big step from his serious injury last month during a game against Memphis.  All of this comes as good news to the Lakers and a bit of a surprise to fans.  Just a few weeks ago coach Phil Jackson made a statement saying that he was not interested in making comments about Bynum’s progress, which led many to believe that the injury was more serious than previously thought.  

More recently, Bynum has been open with reports, telling them that he is growing stronger each day and is eager to get back on the court.  

Jackson has started to open up a little more recently and made this statement after a game against Golden State.  “Right now Andrew is, it looks like, a month away, and that’s like the end of the season. This is a from a guy who has been watching players recover and not a trainer, and certainly not a physical therapist, but I think he’s still a month away from being a player.”

Throughout the entire process, Bynum has been nothing but positive, and looking forward to rejoining the team as he is a big asset.